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Thantika Thai Massage **** Experience Authentic, Ancient Thai Massage Benefits...

Leave your worries, stresses and thoughts at the door and concentrate totally on your complete well-being.

Relaxation & Serenity results in a calm soul, a calm mind, a rejuvenated body

Welcome to the world of Thantika Thai Massage were luxurious ambiance, soft music and Thai Healing welcome you

Benefits of Thai Massage





Why Choose Thantika Thai Massage

Because we care about your health!

Authentic Thai Massage is a practice that has been passed down for over 2,000 years. This method of healing has cured patients of pains, aches, stress, tension and anxiety. Bodily functions are improved, mobility is improved. Regular professional Thai Massage Treatments provide a calm mind and soul, good health and overall well being.

At Thantika Thai Massage we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the human body and both the theory & practice of Traditional Thai Massage Techniques to provide optimum short term as well as long term benefits.

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NB: Massage appointments starting as early as 8:30 am or finishing as late as 9:30 pm any day of the week can be scheduled with prior booking notification.